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We believe the best way to really learn and have the confidence to paint furniture at home is to paint an actual piece of furniture. In this class, you bring your own! This class covers basic furniture painting, waxing, and distressing. Leave class with a finished piece of hand painted furniture done by you!


Classes are taught by Deborah Cooper. Deborah is an Interior Designer and one of the original stockists in California. She has been teaching Chalk Paint® Classes for over 5 years and has been on television and featured in several magazines!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

What furniture is best for painting. We cover style, material, and where some of the best furniture hunting spots are.

Preparation. Furniture being painted with Chalk Paint® requires very little prep to none at all! We will review situations that may require some TLC before painting begins and what products to use.

A full explanation of what Chalk Paint® is and all of the different applications it can be used for.

An explanation of what tools are best to get the job done. We discuss brushes and brush care, tools, and other items that make the process easier and faster.

– Color guidance. Learn the best ways to pick color and which ones make the best accent colors. You will also learn what colors look best on what style of furniture.

How to salvage your existing hardware. Learn what you can do to keep the existing hardware on your piece and improve it’s appearance(saving you lots of $).

– Basic Paint Application. There are several ways to paint with Chalk Paint® and they will be explained and demonstrated. It’s up to you which one to choose!

Distressing. You are not required to distress, however, you will be shown the most popular ways to get it done. You will be instructed on what tools to use and how to decide where to distress.

Clear wax application. Learn how to seal the paint with Annie’s Clear Wax(unlike any other wax!) and what tools and tips to use to ease the process.

Dark Wax application. Learn how to give your piece dimension and an aged patina by adding Annie’s Dark Wax. It’s not required that you add dark wax, but it does make a big difference!

– Outdoor Furniture. Since outdoor furniture is not waxed, you will be shown what to do to seal those pieces, along with what products and tools to use.

After care. You will be instructed on how to care for your finished piece.

Here’s the low down on the class…



           We hate rules, but here they are:

  • Bring a small piece furniture NO LARGER than 24″ of flat surface(nightstand,small coffee table, side table). We need to make sure there is enough room for everyone. Don’t be THAT person. If you can’t bring the piece in by yourself  unassisted, it’s TOO BIG. See first picture above for reference.
  • Please bring a piece for interior use.
  • Pieces that have slats or shutters take a lot time, try to avoid bringing them.
  • Choose ONE color from our fabulous 32 color choices! Sorry, no custom color mixing or layering colors for this class(you can learn these techniques in our Advanced Techniques class. See below!)
  • Workshop fee is PER PERSON(that means you can’t bring your bestie, soulmate, offspring, mama, etc.)
  • No mirrors or glass(We’ve had some “butterfinger” accidents!)

Just bring your fabulous self and your SMALL(see above details) piece of furniture. You will be using our paint and supplies! Try to arrive at around 10:45. It helps move things along if you have a color in mind, but we can help you if you’re undecided! Aprons are provided. There will be a lunch break around 1:00 for you to grab something to eat and explore SOCO! You must be pre-registered and pre-paid as this class fills up fast and usually has a waiting list. Sorry, class fees are non-refundable!

 Come into the store or call 714-427-0668 to sign up. 


Saturday, May 20th SOLD OUT

Sunday, May 21st

Saturday, May 27th SOLD OUT




Our advanced techniques class takes you beyond the basics and introduces you to 13  advanced techniques using Chalk Paint® and other mediums! No need to bring anything. We will be using decorative moldings, chair legs, and wood panels. There will be a short lunch break(there are several places to enjoy a meal here at SOCO!). Classes include a  notebook and aprons are provided. You will also be leaving with your pieces so you can refer to them when using the techniques at home!

This class is taught by Deborah Waltz(see Furniture Painting Class above for details about her!). Here’s what you’ll learn…

Creating Texture- Find out the best ways to create the look of a piece of painted furniture that has texture, movement, and lots of character.

Decoupage- Using Annie Sloan’s Decoupage Glue & Varnish, we will be applying a vintage looking ephemera label to painted wood that simulates a drawer front. You will also be instructed on what type of paper to use and some great sites to download free pictures! 

Craqueleur- This product replicates the look of cracked china glaze and oil paintings that have old, fractured varnish. We will be using it over our decoupaged label to add age and interest!

Layered & Distressed Stenciling- Think you have to line up stencils and apply paint perfectly? Guess again! We will be stenciling Annie’s way, which allows freedom and lots of movement! Learn the secret of what color combinations make for the best stencil design! This technique will be applied over the textured paint that we created on a board that simulates a drawer front. We’ll also let you know the best way to clean and care for your stencils.

Layered Color Reveal- The signature look of Chalk Paint®! Learn how to layer paint on a chair leg and reveal the underlying colors. We let you know our favorite tools to achieve this look!

Gilding Wax- You will learn how to add instant glam and sophistication to your painted pieces! This wax simulates the look of metallic gilding. You will learn our favorite ways to apply it and to what the best pieces are to use it on. There will be several colors for you to experiment with!

Color Wash- A Peinture favorite! Learn how to apply a subtle wash of a differing color over painted surfaces. This technique simulates a “glazed look” on your furniture. You’ll also find out which colors make the best washes!

Dry Brushing- Get the look of weathered paint with this technique. You’ll find out the best tools for this look and what our favorite dry brushing colors are!

Rustic Cracked Paint- Learn how to achieve the look of old, maybe sat outside for years, cracked, crunchy, paint! We’ll also let you know what colors and pieces are the best for this  look. 

Smooth- Learn how to achieve a smoother look with less bush marks for a more modern look on furniture.

Staining Wood with Dark Wax- No need to deal with stinky, drippy, and messy wood stain! Learn how to stain wood with Dark Wax. 

Colored Wax- Did you know you that there are now 4 waxes? You get to experiment with all of tim in this class!

Wax applications- Learn all of the different ways you can use wax and what can be combined with wax to achieve different looks. 

Color Mixing- Learn what tools are best for mixing colors and our favorite ways to record and store custom colors. You’ll also be shown our favorite color mixtures!

10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.



Saturday, May 6th

Classes are prepaid and non-refundable. Call the store to sign up… 714-427-0668