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Chalk Paint® Sale!

saleIt’s our 5 year anniversary and we are celebrating all month long! That’s right, the WHOLE month of November!

Check out our lowered workshop prices by clicking on the workshop tab.

Thanks for everyone who has supported us. You guys are amazing!

Pop Up Workshop!


Bring 2 small accessories and use our paint, brushes, and supplies! But there’s more…

You will have access to over 20 open stencils, Gilding Wax, Chalk Paint®,Wax, and Tools!
This event is for those of you who have taken our furniture painting workshop and have working knowledge of Chalk Paint®. This is not a teaching gig, but Deborah Waltz will be with you to answer questions and available for general brain picking! Work at your own pace and experiment, surrounded by fellow Chalk Paint® die hards! This class sold out within 24 hours last time it was offered!

Sunday, January 3rd



Just call Peinture to sign up! 714-427-0668

Save 15% with our “Holiday Package”!


Our Holiday Package includes: 2 sample pots of Chalk Paint®(you choose the colors!), 120ml Clear Soft Wax, 120ml Dark Soft Wax, a small Annie Sloan paint brush, small waxing brush, and a color chart. $99. That’s a saving of 15% off of retail!

This offer will be good through Christmas!

See you at Peinture!


Image Transfer class with Michelle E. Black!

typewriter half pallet

Image Transfer Workshop
with Michelle E. Black 


 How to take ANY image and transfer it onto salvaged, repurposed wood!

Learn from the artist that has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Home, Green Craft Magazine, Somerset Apprentice, and Mingle Magazine.

In this workshop…

-You will be working with 5×7″ salvaged wood to take home as a finished piece of art. (Images and all supplies are provided by Michelle).

-You will learn what images are best to use in the image transfer process.

-Learn what surfaces are best and how to prep to ensure the best transfer possible.

-Receive written instructions for reference, along with a list of supplies needed to do image transfer on your own!

Sunday, August 23rd



Call Peinture to sign up! (714) 427-0668
All workshops are prepaid and non-refundable(however they are transferable!)


Free Workshop Event!

Join us for a global event….

“Annie Sloan Late”

Friday, November 21st

5:30 – 8:30 p.m.



Chalk Paint® Stockists all across the globe will be participating in this event! We want to join in and spread the word about Chalk Paint®! PEINTURE will be offering a free mini workshop, discounts, and a raffle!

Free workshop details- Bring a small frame(no larger than 8×10) or a small accessory to paint. We’ll have all of the paint colors open and provide everything you need to complete your project. Just bring your piece!

10% Discount Offer- Bring a good “Before and After” picture for us to keep of something you’ve painted with the Chalk Paint® and receive your discount!

Raffle-Enter to win a copy of Annie Sloan’s new book!

Layout 1

Tell your friends!
 No need to RSVP…We’ll be here waiting for you!


Get the the look of dark wax on your outdoor furniture in 3 easy steps…

I know we all LOVE the look of the Annie Sloan Soft Dark Wax on furniture…


Beautiful isn’t it?! Go ahead, scroll back up and drool some more, I’ll wait.

Ready? Okay. Well….unfortunately wax doesn’t like the great outdoors due to extreme temperatures, moisture, direct sun, etc.. What to do? I’m glad you asked! Here’s how I achieve the look of dark wax on outdoor furniture:

Grab your piece of outdoor furniture that has been painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan(I used the color Arles).


Step 1- Mix up some brown Chalk Paint®. There are lots of recipes out there, but my favorite is a mixture of equal parts Barcelona Orange and Graphite(in below pic). It dries to a gorgeous espresso brown. My other favorite, a warmer brown, is 2 parts Olive to 1 part Primer Red.


Step 2- Dip the end of your brush in water, then into the paint(you don’t need much!). Brush on lightly.


Step 3- Wipe back with a damp towel, allowing it to settle into the recesses and texture.



You’re done!

Here’s the look you end up with…

outdoor5Yum. You can adjust the darkness by adding more paint to your brush, or lighten up any dark areas by rubbing them back with a wet towel. After it dries(in no time!), you can buff it with a dry cloth if you want to give it a slight sheen, or you can just leave it as is!

Your welcome.

Paint a super easy sign on drop cloth!

I wanted to make a cute little sign for my workshop using all of those excess craft supplies that I hang onto because I just KNOW I will use them someday. Constant battle in my house. Someone, who will remain anonymous(male, lives with me, and is so cute that I put up with it), LOVES to toss stuff and encourages me(putting it nicely) to purge things that he thinks I no longer use. This post shows exactly why I don’t throw stuff out(okay, I must confess, I did just throw out some neonish colored felt. Not even sure why I had it in the first place).

I have mounds of drop cloth. I decided I would make the sign out of that. Determine what size sign you want and rip the cloth to size(it so much more interesting ripped. But aren’t we all?). Just cut a tiny bit of the cloth with scissors to get the tear started. It should look like this when you are done…


Next, I taped off the edges with painters tape. You don’t have to do this. It’s a cleaner look. You can just wing it when you’re painting for a more handmade look.


I had some repositionable stickers that I had bought(who knows when) from Michael’s. I eyeballed the placement of the letters when applying them(perfectionists may now cringe).


Now that I look at it, I guess you could just put some stickers on cloth and call it a day. Not me, it’s just not awesome enough, but feel free…really. I broke out my Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Graphite and proceeded to “pounce and stipple” because I was dealing with the texture of the drop cloth.


I allowed the paint to dry(less messy when peeling off stickers).


Then I got to the peeling off of the stickers and tape.


I think it only cost me a total of what, no more than $5.00? Scrap drop cloth, a pack of stickers(with leftovers!) at $2.99, some painters tape, and hardly any paint.


Marvelous. And if you want to see it in person, well, you’re gonna have to pay a visit to Peinture!

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