Get the the look of dark wax on your outdoor furniture in 3 easy steps…

I know we all LOVE the look of the Annie Sloan Soft Dark Wax on furniture…


Beautiful isn’t it?! Go ahead, scroll back up and drool some more, I’ll wait.

Ready? Okay. Well….unfortunately wax doesn’t like the great outdoors due to extreme temperatures, moisture, direct sun, etc.. What to do? I’m glad you asked! Here’s how I achieve the look of dark wax on outdoor furniture:

Grab your piece of outdoor furniture that has been painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan(I used the color Arles).


Step 1- Mix up some brown Chalk Paint®. There are lots of recipes out there, but my favorite is a mixture of equal parts Barcelona Orange and Graphite(in below pic). It dries to a gorgeous espresso brown. My other favorite, a warmer brown, is 2 parts Olive to 1 part Primer Red.


Step 2- Dip the end of your brush in water, then into the paint(you don’t need much!). Brush on lightly.


Step 3- Wipe back with a damp towel, allowing it to settle into the recesses and texture.



You’re done!

Here’s the look you end up with…

outdoor5Yum. You can adjust the darkness by adding more paint to your brush, or lighten up any dark areas by rubbing them back with a wet towel. After it dries(in no time!), you can buff it with a dry cloth if you want to give it a slight sheen, or you can just leave it as is!

Your welcome.

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