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Paint a super easy sign on drop cloth!

I wanted to make a cute little sign for my workshop using all of those excess craft supplies that I hang onto because I just KNOW I will use them someday. Constant battle in my house. Someone, who will remain anonymous(male, lives with me, and is so cute that I put up with it), LOVES to toss stuff and encourages me(putting it nicely) to purge things that he thinks I no longer use. This post shows exactly why I don’t throw stuff out(okay, I must confess, I did just throw out some neonish colored felt. Not even sure why I had it in the first place).

I have mounds of drop cloth. I decided I would make the sign out of that. Determine what size sign you want and rip the cloth to size(it so much more interesting ripped. But aren’t we all?). Just cut a tiny bit of the cloth with scissors to get the tear started. It should look like this when you are done…


Next, I taped off the edges with painters tape. You don’t have to do this. It’s a cleaner look. You can just wing it when you’re painting for a more handmade look.


I had some repositionable stickers that I had bought(who knows when) from Michael’s. I eyeballed the placement of the letters when applying them(perfectionists may now cringe).


Now that I look at it, I guess you could just put some stickers on cloth and call it a day. Not me, it’s just not awesome enough, but feel free…really. I broke out my Chalk Paint® decorative paint by Annie Sloan in Graphite and proceeded to “pounce and stipple” because I was dealing with the texture of the drop cloth.


I allowed the paint to dry(less messy when peeling off stickers).


Then I got to the peeling off of the stickers and tape.


I think it only cost me a total of what, no more than $5.00? Scrap drop cloth, a pack of stickers(with leftovers!) at $2.99, some painters tape, and hardly any paint.


Marvelous. And if you want to see it in person, well, you’re gonna have to pay a visit to Peinture!